Gil Maycock


Lester, Gilbert, Herman Maycock (better known as ‘Gil’) was born in Nassau, Bahamas on October 9th 1960 to Mr. Lester and Mrs. Joyce Maycock. This union produced two children, which includes Gil’s older sister Donnalee.


His early education began at the Jack & Jill Academy (1965 – 1972). From there he went on to study at Government High School (1972 – 77). Because of his love for spiritual things and the Word of God Gil enrolled in the Commonwealth Bible College (1977 – 79), a local College, which specialized in Bible and Bible related subjects.  This interim educational experience gave him the ability to meet the challenges of his next level of studies at Liberty Baptist College, Lynchburg, Virginia (1979 – 1983) where he earned the “Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications”. Gil continued on to the prestigious Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois (1983 – 85) where he earned his Masters in Christian Education.


Gil Maycock came to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ at 8 years of age, during 1968. He reports that this came about as a result of hearing a message on the subject of Hell preached by Pastor Ed Allen. Because his intention was not to go to that place, he spoke to his mother, who led him to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Gil further reports that along the way he had a considerable number of seasoned mentors among whom are: Pastors Ed Allen, Rex Major, Allan Lee, Tom Roberts, Marcel Lightbourne and Dr. Billy Hall.



Pastor Gil’s wife Helen J. Maycock (Nee McKenzie) has been a fervent partner with him since their marital union 27 years ago.  They have three daughters, Daneen, Joyce, and Janelle.