How to Keep the Romance Going

After the festivities of the Christmas holidays, the focus then shifts to the next event on the calendar. It is February 14th, Valentine’s Day. In our commercial society, love has become mar-ketable with a huge price tag attached, which in fact lowers its value, though society sees otherwise.

In the church, we seek to keep love pure, protect its value and its purity through the teaching of God’s Word. However, we recognize that there is a practical side as well, love and marriage will not just fall into place but requires work. We spoke to Osmond and Eunice Johnson, a fairly young couple, to find out what they are doing to keep the romance going in their marriage.

Below you will see the tips they gave. 1) Spend quality time with each other. Do not allow yourselves to become too busy doing everything else. Too much separation can easily create distance and disconnect between couples. Also, when you are with your spouse, be with them – mind and body. Let them have your full attention so that you can share and communicate with each other distraction free. It is always a great idea, if only for once a year, to do a get-away. No kids, no family, no in-laws.

2) Look good! Invest in your physical appearance and practice a healthy lifestyle. Do not become complacent because you have “hooked the fish” as marriage requires a lot of maintenance. Carry yourself in such a way which hints to why you are no longer “avail-able”. And ladies, apply the “look good” principle to your choice of nightwear. Variety is the “spice of life”.

3) Go out on dates regularly and try to have lunch together at least once a week. Avoid being a couple with the same repetitious rou-tine: work; church; home. Try new places to eat; go out with other couples; do an impromptu dinner or breakfast and make new mem-ories! Being married doesn’t mean that you have to be at home all the time.

4) Surprise your spouse with something special “just because”. Show them that you are not only thinking of them because it is a special day or event, but simply because you love them and en-joy doing things that make them happy. This can be anything from flowers, a heartfelt card or a gift that you know they would abso-lutely love.

5) Freely verbalize your need for each other and share in your spouse’s fears, dreams, hopes and goals. Make sure they know how much you believe in their ability and worth. Be understanding, and notice and praise the things your spouse does. While it cannot hurt to celebrate Valentine’s Day, remem-ber that it is just one day! The greater focus should be on nourishing and cherishing your spouse all year round. Love should not only be spoken, but more so, demonstrated through each other’s willing-ness to sacrifice and put the other first. Below are four Valentine tips that couples can enjoy together on this special day which will definitely make for great memories for years to come.

  • Serenade your wife with flowers during a romantic dinner at an exquisite Restaurant.
  • Spend the day at a local resort with added amenities.
  • Make dinner together at home while listening to soft romantic mu-sic.
  • Prepare a bubble bath with rose petals, candle lights and a chilled beverage.